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  National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (Jiangong Campus) (also known as NKUST(Jiangong Campus)), formerly National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology (also known as NKIT), was established in 1963, and the Department of Electrical Engineering was founded at KIT in 1965.

  In 1997, NKIT was promoted to be a technical college. In 2000, the institute was further promoted and renamed National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, the EE department of the NKIT was therefore became the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University, offering courses for junior college graduates in Electrical, Electronic Engineering and other related fields. In August 2001 the department started to offer the Master’s program in electrical & control engineering, initializing a new step for cultivating high level research manpower. Moreover, the department was agreed to provide the Ph.D. course. As a result, the Department is able to establish a complete course system for bachelor, master and doctor degrees, enabling a robust foundation of research and studies in the department towards higher educational development.

  The Department holds its own laboratories and teaching building which is also the most spacious in all the colleges and universities in the country. There are forty-six labs for electrical power, control, electrical machinery, microelectronics, computer network, energy, etc..

  There are thirty-two faculty members in the Department. The main research interests of members of the department include the following:

(1) Power Electronics, Green Energy, Power Engineering

(2) Control theory and applications, Image Processing, Optical Engineering

(3) Computer and Communication Engineering

  The number of EE graduates is over 10,000 since 1963 and they are widely spread in various industries and businesses. Many of the graduates passed the national examinations for public services and worked in state run corporations such as the China Steel Corp., Taiwan Power Co. and Chun-Hwa Telecommunication Co. Some of them either worked in the private sectors or even started their own business and achieved great success. The training that NKUST(Jiangong Campus) gave its graduates were evaluated by the Common Wealth magazine as the most satisfied by corporations and median to small sized businesses employers.

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Address:Electrical Engineering Building, Rm.201, 2F., No415, Jiangong Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C)


TEL:07-3814526 ext 5541-5543 FAX:07-3921073

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